"Difference between to just live by and being ALIVE is not to give up on our inner force to thrive, to grow, to change (for better), to get (more), to give (more), to connect (at deeper levels) and to become what we are meant to be. My mission is to be with people who share this belief and help them in their journey from one mile stone to the next!"  

                                     If you are someone who continuously strive for more in life                                            and you are absolutely done settling for less than what you                                            desire and deserve, than I am your alliance.

                                     As your coach my commitment is to meet you wherever you                                          are in your journey. I see you as you are without any judgement or prejudice. I respect you for who you are and have deep trust in your potential.

I am just like many of you… A science graduate whose passion was human relationships and inner growth. Struggling through my teenage years to find my mission and purpose of life,I have done many experiments in my 20s with my life in search of where I belong. All those struggles and not settling for anything less than what I desire, had ultimately led me to pursue my doctorate in Psychology at age 32. After which I worked as counsellor and coach at Medical University of Americas in Caribbean for about 7 years. When I got introduced to the nascent science of “Positive Psychology”, I fell in love with it. My life took a significant turn when I enrolled in “MentorCoach” (USA) for further professional training. Pursuing for professional coaching certification like CMC and PCC over last few years have fine tuned my skills and shaped my life’s purpose into “Be You”. Our family has recently moved back to India to begin new adventure in our life.

Throughout my journey, one thing was constant & that is my deep desire to connect with other human beings at a deeper level and flourish together! 

Stephen Covey has profoundly said, “To know and not to do is not to know”; meaning that the knowledge which does not lead us to change our thought, feeling and action has not truly touched us and it has remained with us just as an information.

Through coaching process our goal is to change our life, by taking small actions continuously, which will lead us to major changes and achievements of higher goals.

Since childhood, I had a desire to be a runner but it was just that - a desire! At 42, I started running for the first time. My first run being just 200 meters. And at 44, I got trained for Marathon and Triathlon! All thanks to baby steps of coaching which led to a giant step in less than 2 years.

Are you ready to turn your desires into reality?

Then let’s meet and connect.





"As I listen to a life story, I tune in with my client’s deeper fears, self doubts, inner critic and limiting beliefs. Facilitating awareness by asking powerful questions, being with them in their moment of transition and gently nudging them towards their inner passion, core strengths and nascent optimism is something which I enjoy in my daily work."