Other Modes of facilitation offered:-

  • Short and Long Lectures
  • Half and Full Day workshops
  • Couple Coaching
  • Group Coaching​
  • Corporate Wellness Program

One on One Coaching (Life, Wellness and Executive Coaching)

Weekly 30-45 minutes session in person, on phone or skype for 12 weeks or more.

Deep and intense conversation with the help of powerful questions is the heart of effective coaching.

No matter what your aspirations are, bring them, and we will convert them into concrete goals. 

The first coaching session would be discovery session, where we would be able to explore your inner priorities, clarify what is important and also define clear and SMART goals.

During subsequent weekly sessions you will review your last week’s action/inaction, develop insight and accountability and decide next week’s action item.

Resistance and obstacles are inevitable in the process. You will learn the tools to deal with them and make concrete progress. Soon you will be leading a life which you are meant to  live. Where your desires will be reality.

At end of 12 weeks, you can continue to progress on your own or renew the coach-client relationship for next goal. Send me an email for your first complementary session.

I invite you to take a moment, look within and notice...

Which aspect(s) of life need(s) your focused attention and energy?

Coaching can help in all these area and more...


  • Relationship, Parenting, Pregnancy, Work- Family Balance 
  • Stress Management, Exercise and Fitness goals, Weight loss, Athletic goals, Coping with major illness 
  • Young Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Business Men, Corporate Executives, Professional
  • Working Women, Home Makers, Professional Students
  • New Job, New city, Social Worker, Change Agent