Positive Parenting Package

What is this package about?

Are you tired, frustrated and feeling lost when it comes to your child’s behaviour?

As a parent myself, I do understand your aspiration to raise a positive, successful and well behaved child. I also understand and empathise with your frustration, that despite of all your good intentions, you end up shouting, nagging, punishing or even slapping your child. And of course later, you feel guilty about your behaviour and in turn give in to your child’s unreasonable demands.

 Positive parenting is art and science of facilitating growth of your children and to do so joyfully instead of stress-fully.

Which problems can be addressed by this package:

Back talk and rudeness
Late nights and bedtime issues
TV, phone, tablets and other screen time struggles
Anger, Tantrums and power struggles
Entitlement and unreasonable demands

Major features of this package:

Understanding child’s psychology behind their behaviour
Learning about what works and what won’t work
Develop skill to encourage your child instead of praising your child
Tools for specific problem solving

Anticipated Outcome:

This process will help you take control back in parent child relationship, it would help you resolve stress generated out of your major struggles and will bring back the joy in daily parenting.

What is the procedure?

 After initial in depth interview for assessment and problem definition, we will develop understanding of step by step process and duration of our working relationship
Weekly sessions of about 45 minutes either in person or over phone
Each session will end with weekly goal and strategies to achieve the same.
During sessions you will learn to utilize your strengths to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Package Duration: 3 to 6 months

Consultations/Coaching  offered : Audio Call or personal meetings (45 to 60 mins)  x 12 weekly sessions 

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Special Attention:

Parents of Teenage Girl

In present times,

Being a parent of a teenage girl is not easy...

Upon arrival of adolescence, it seems like suddenly the sweet, little child has transformed into a shouting, screaming rebellion which has zero patience to listen to your sage advise. 

The real reason? .....

Well it is not just those hormones.

Teenagers girl's brain is undergoing a whirlpool of "remodelling". They have to deal with not just their rapidly changing body but also their emotions and thought processes. They have to also deal with the world which is full of contradictory & conflicting values. They are constantly accompanied with peers which are also equally conflicted and confused. Apart from dealing with academics they are figuring out differences between friends vs. foes, virtual  vs. real life, safe vs. risky behavior as well as smart vs. sly people. Their and their peers life is full of wild swings between romantic crushes and heart breaks. 

Let's face it, inspite of best of intesions, most parents have little idea about what their daughter is going through. 

Good news is - No matter how loudly your daugher shouts at you to get out of her room and leave her alone... She actually needs her parents very profoundly in her life.

Bad news is - Parent have no idea how to help her. This leads to guilt, anger and frustration. 

I offer a special "care pack" for teen girl's parents. Call me, I am here to help...